Hurricane Irma Update

September 29, 2017


Happy Friday to you!  We are working on getting back to normal here in the Keys, the Upper Keys are already there for the most part.  There’s still piles of debris/trees to be picked up on US 1 and in neighborhoods but this will take some time to remove it all.  My neighborhood is looking greener by the day, that makes me happy to see, since we lost so many trees.  Marathon and Key Colony Beach are coming along, this will take a little extra time.  If you’ve only considered buying in the Middle Keys, now may be the time to take a closer look at the Upper Keys as there is less damage up here.  Contact me if you have questions about any properties and I’ll be happy to give you more details!
We had a ton of rain here during the night and most of the morning but it looks like the sun may be trying to break through here now….hoping we have a sunny weekend! Enjoy yours!
With thanks, Amy


September 22, 2017



Happy Friday! In an effort to get back to normalcy, here is my Weekly Market Report for the past 3 weeks (since Sept. 1)!  I can’t tell you if any of these properties have damages, so keep that in mind.


I have been home a week tomorrow, Jerry and I spent 5 days cleaning up our yard and disposing of all our fencing that came down.  The first day we had some “angels” appear, three people from a church in Ft. Lauderdale that helped us for a few hours. That was a real jump start for us, we were so thankful.  We live in a very wooded neighborhood on Plantation Key (well we used to live in wooded neighborhood!) so trees were down everywhere. But the trees left standing (like sticks) are already producing new leaves so they are coming back! 🙂 The miracle of Mother Nature! Our house had some minor damage but that can be remedied. I can say the Upper Keys are almost back to normal, we have all utilities, the boil water notice was lifted in my neighborhood yesterday. I have internet, cable tv, everything I had before the storm. Grocery stores are open, gas stations and some restaurants too.


The Middle Keys and Lower Keys were hit the hardest.  Electricity and water have been restored in most places. The mobile carriers were quick to install temporary towers and get up and running. Landline telephone and internet service are still widely unavailable. Some homes have electric available but have damage that prohibits them from having it turned on.  Our electric company is the best, they are on top of it, as is the water company and the local officials. Everyone is working hard and doing a great job, every day it improves. All of my company’s offices from Key Largo to Key West are now up and running with the exception of Big Pine, they hope to have them back up within a few days.


Most residences and businesses in the Keys suffered damage from wind and/or storm surge to varying degree.  Everyone is working together and that’s always nice to see, I’ve met neighbors I never met before, and everyone wants to help each other.  Our first responders have done a great job of assisting those needing medical assistance and shelter, clearing debris, attending to the infrastructure, and maintaining public safety.


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I was in Marathon and Key Colony Beach on Monday checking on properties I sell and current and past clients.  It was heartbreaking for me to see many of my clients’ properties with damage, many in KCB had flooding, the oceanside of the Keys definitely took the brunt of the storm.  If you’re bay/gulf side, many were lucky, as long as they didn’t have roof damage.  Tranquility Bay fared well, I was there and although the landscaping is damaged, the units did well. They plan to re-open on Oct. 2nd.  Indigo Reef also did well so I’m told,  I haven’t been able to put my own eyes on it yet. My sister’s home on the gulfside behind the airport is fine, no flooding, no roof damage, although her yard is a mess.  And the biggest miracle is my brother’s trailer at Keys RV Park (oceanside), it was still standing in the same place and did not flood! Half the park was wiped out (closer to the ocean). How many can say their trailer survived a Cat 4 hurricane!?


As to the future of our real estate market, my Broker says:  “We do not believe that there will be a long-term negative impact on values based on Irma. After we clean up the mess things will get back to normal including the real estate market. This is my 12th hurricane event in 60 years starting with Donna in 1960 which was much, much worse than Irma and all of them have provided opportunities for new business for those who are looking. Irma will be no different in that regard. ”


I want to thank all of you that reached out to me to see how me and my family were doing, it really means a lot to me. It was so nice to hear from many of you that I hadn’t talked with in a while…I always love hearing from you guys! And I look forward to seeing the Keys come back better than ever, and helping those of you that still want to make your dream of having a Keys home your reality!


With thanks,


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