I promise to help make this process as easy and simple as possible for you.  I am here for you always, with any questions you may have.  I will respond promptly to any of your requests.

The Internet is a great way to start looking for a home or property.  You can search our MLS (multiple listing service) directly; this will give you ALL the properties for sale, not just my listings.  I work very well with other Realtors from all the different companies, so call me about ANY property.

  • Search online for properties or subscribe to my Weekly Market Report to get all the new real estate listings and sales and more each week!
  • Call your lender or one of our local lenders and get pre-qualified for a mortgage. This way you know how much you can afford and what amount you can spend!
  • Let’s go look at some homes!

Typically, it is best to see no more than 6 or 7 properties in one day.  Otherwise, they will all “run together” and you won’t be able to remember the specifics of each property and what you liked and what you didn’t like.  I will give you the complete listing on each property with all the photos, listing history and the tax information.  Many buyers often like to take notes on the listing printout.

I will also give you information on recent sales in the neighborhood so that you know what the current values are.

  • If we find something you like, let’s make an offer!
  • A Purchase Contract and Disclosures are signed by you and an escrow deposit with the offer is needed.  The deposit depends upon the sales price of the property; usually an initial escrow deposit of $5000-10,000 is sufficient.  A 2nd escrow deposit will be due after your inspections are complete.  Both deposits should total somewhere from 5-10% of the purchase price.
  • The Purchase Contract is an As Is Contract which allows you to cancel the contract and receive your deposit returned to you, during your “inspection period”.
  • I then deliver the Offer to the listing agent. We will ask for the Seller’s response by a certain date, typically a couple of days.
  • The negotiations with the Seller could be very quick or go back and forth a few times.  I will handle it from start to finish.  Once we come to an agreement (hopefully!) and the Seller and Buyer have signed and initialed everything, we are officially under contract!  That date is our “effective date”.
  • All time periods in the Contract will start on the “effective date”.  First, your 2nd deposit will be due, the next step will be to complete your home inspection.  Time to have your inspection done is on average 7-14 days.  I will give you a couple of home inspectors to choose from.  Home inspections range in price, depending upon the size of the home.  A home less than 1000 sq. ft. is approximately $325.000.
  • During this time, you also should be working with your lender on your mortgage application (unless you are a cash buyer of course).  We must have a loan commitment from your lender within 30 days of our effective date.  Sometimes, we can stretch it out to 45 days.
  • If inspection goes well and you are happy, we can move toward closing!  If you are getting a mortgage, we can usually close in 45 days.  If you are a cash buyer, you can close as soon as your inspections are complete!
  • The closing takes place at a real estate attorney’s office (if you are in town), or the attorney can FED EX you all the documents for your signature.  You are also welcome to use a title company (if you are paying for title insurance), however, I always think it is best to have someone represent you and review the closing documents.
  • The day of closing, we will do a “walk thru” of the property to make sure everything looks as it did when you were there.
  • Congratulations on your new home in the Keys!